United Black Golfers Association, Inc.is a Laurelton Queens Association, that  was incorporated on March 3rd, 2014 as a 501(C)(3) Not-for-Profit organization, and  our name, logo and acronym is registered with the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office. Our goal is to stimulate the interest in golf for men and women, and the officers are:

1. Vernel Bennett, Co-Founder & President

2. Jacques Leandre, Co-Founder & Vice President

3. Handel J. Edwards, Treasurer

4. Patrice English-Young, Asst. Treasurer

5. Julet Barton, Secretary

6. Patrick (Len)Jones, Asst. Secretary

7. Howard H. Williams, (Acting) Sergeant-At-Arms


Ronald Summers Sr. (Certified Golf Instructor)


Jacques M. Leandre, Esq.

Mario E. Simmons, Esq.

Lisa Quarles, JD

Tanya Hobson-Williams, Esq.

To contact UBGA, please go to the Contact Us tab.

(All donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law)

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United Black Golfers Association, Inc.