The United Black Golfers Association, Inc. is a Laurelton Queens based Association, that was formed on March 3, 2014, as a 501(C)(3) not-for-profit corporation and our name, logo and acronym is registered with the United States of America Patent and Trademark Office. The purpose of the association is to provide opportunities for golfers and individuals (men and women) who are interested in the game of golf, to meet and engage in activities that promote unity, personal growth and enrichment through the sport of golf. Michael Walker owner of Fidel Photography is one of our members,and is also  our in house photographer. (WWW.MFIDELPHOTOGRAPHY.COM). Vincent L. Garrett Senior Partner at Gaulf, LLC is also one of our members and is the official supplier of our golf uniforms and hats.(WWW.GAULFAPPAREL.COM). From 2016-2018 UBGA have distributed 22 scholarships to High School Seniors, with a total disbursement of $13,000.00 to date.


UBGA will provide opportunities for members to meet and engage with other like-minded individuals and associations through the game of golf.

UBGA will be used as a conduit through which members will have an opportunity to show their good will and support through fundraising endeavors, which a portion of the proceeds raised will be used to benefit students in their pursuit of higher education and to support other not-for-profit organizations, charities and groups engaged in activities geared towards the betterment of the health and welfare of the community as determined by UBGA.



Membership in UBGA is open to all (Males and Females) who are 18 years of age or older. UBGA will not discriminate against any member or potential member based on race, color, religious affiliation or sexual orientation. 

Membership applications must be completed and submitted to UBGA via Website or to any Member in good standing.

Membership in UBGA is for individual persons only and is not transferable.

Each candidate for membership shall be proposed and seconded by two active members in good standing, and then be voted in by the present membership, which will require approval of ¾ (75%) of members present at meeting.

Membership confers NO special privileges in connection with any golf course.

All new members will receive a new membership package as determined by the Board of Directors.

All members will receive an electronic subscription to the African American Golfer's Digest, which is published quarterly.

Membership in UBGA is for a calendar year and will be renewed as long as the member is in good standings.

All members in good standings can participate in all outings sponsored by UBGA.

All members in good standings will have a portion of their golfing fees subsidized

All members in good standings will be able to participate in our holiday party with one guest at no cost to them 



Board of Directors and Officers

The United Black Golfers Association's (UBGA) Board of Directors shall exercise all of the powers of management of UBGA not specifically excepted by the By-Laws and shall appoint the nominating committee for the election of officers.


Vernel Bennett, President and Co-Founder, is a retired NYC Department of Finance Corporate Tax Auditor Supervisor; Certified Financial Planner and Investment Broker, and is currently the President of the 224th/225th Street Civic Association of Laurelton. He was bitten by the golf bug in 2004 while on vacation on a cruise ship where he took his first lesson. In 2005, through a work colleague he learned about the Roosevelt Golfers Association, Inc., which he joined and began taking lessons, eventually becoming the Financial Officer and then the Executive Officer. 
It was through the urging and interest of his many friends and colleagues that he and his now Vice President, Jacques M. Léandre decided in March of 2014 to form UBGA to help stimulate interest in the game of golf to people of color in Queens and the surrounding areas.
In 2018 he was elected as a Queens County Democratic Committee Member for the 29th Assembly District. 

Jacques Leandre, Esq., Vice President and Co-Founder  is a practicing attorney licensed in New York and longtime resident of Queens County and is also the President of the Rosedale Jets Football Organization. Léandre developed a passion for the game of golf after receiving his first set of golf clubs from his older brother while attending Morehouse College.  Léandre is a co-founder of the United Black Golfers Association.

Dr. Handel J. Edwards, PhD., Treasurer,  is the CEO and Founder of H.J. Edwards & Associates where he oversees a staff of CPAs, EAs, and Consultants. Dr. Edwards has been a member of the National Who's Who, National Society of Accountants, National Society of Tax Professionals, and National Society of Enroll Agents. Handel joined UBGA because he has a great desire to become a good golfer. 

Patrice English-Young, Asst. Treasurer, Is retired from the NYC Department of Education as an educator. As an educator, she was a science teacher and an administrator for middle and high school. 

She was introduced to the game of golf when she was invited to play golf with her union. She became interested in the sport and commenced watching golf programs and videos on how to play golf.

She heard about the UBGA, from one of their board members and at that point she decided to become a member.

Julet Barton, Secretary, is a retired NYC public school educator with over 30 years of experience.  Most of her experience has been at the elementary level, where she worked as a classroom teacher and later a regional/citywide administrator. Before joining UBGA, Julet's never played golf. It is because of her love for learning and exploring new activities and through the urging of her fellow board members, why she joined United Black Golfers Association.

Patrick (Len)Jones, Asst. Secretary, Is a retired Housing Manager Executive, with over 47 years of experience managing over 50,000 cooperative and fair market apartment units in New York State.  He also served as the president of the New York Association of Reality Managers (NYARM) for ten years. He has also been the recipient of many awards, such as: the 1993 Manger of the year award, the 1996 Lifetime Achievement Award form the NYARM, in 1999 received the Co-op and Condo Man of the Year award, and was listed in the 2004 National Register of the Who's Who in Executives and Professionals that was placed in the U.S.Library of Congress.

He commence playing golf in 1970, and was also a member of the Bedford-Stuyvesant Golf Club in Brooklyn and in 1975 he founded the Divots Golf Club of Brooklyn New York.

In March, 2014, after reading an article in the NY Daily News about the UBGA, he joined and is an active member of this organization.

Corbett Garrett, Sergeant-At-Arms, works for the NYC Department of Environmental Protection agency for the past 18 years, as a Field Pipe Laying Inspector Supervisor and he is also currently a Youth Coach for the Rosedale Jets Football Organization, where he coaches 5,6, and 7 year olds. He has been playing golf since 2010, and joined UBGA because of the love of the game and he wants to improve his golf game   


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