To enroll, please complete the application. There are two membership levels.  General Membership for members who reside in NY State and Associate Membership for members who reside outside of NY State. All members pay a one-time enrollment fee of $100.00. Membership dues is $20.00 per month or $200.00 per year, if paid with one payment. Dues commences on the month that you join UBGA. 

All members of the United Black Golfers Association, Inc. are entitled to full membership benefits and will receive a copy of the bylaws that governs the association. 

Please complete the application and you will be directed to our payment page.  Allow up to two weeks for processing of your application. 

Pending the acceptance of your membership; by completing this application, you agree to abide by the bylaws of United Black Golfers Association, Inc.  

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United Black Golfers Association, Inc.